Confessions of a true Shopaholic — January 27, 2017

Confessions of a true Shopaholic

Truly and Honestly, I have to say, I am a Shopaholic by heart and mind. There’s no doubt about this, my family and friends can vouch for that. I mean, I’m not spending way over my head, as my dad always taught me “never spend the money you do not have”! I only try to spend in my limits and buy things on sale or clearance, my two favorite words. 

I’m always telling my friends where to get the best deal and when to get the best deal. Everyone’s always asking, “where’d you get that”, “when did you get that”, “wow, that cheap, tell me when the next sale is”! I just love shopping and finding a great deal is a thrill, a sort of excitement to purchase something new, but at an affordable price. 

My closet and my spare room are to show for my shopping addiction, it’s exploding by the seams with clothes, purses, jewelry, shoes & of course, baby clothes, (my latest obsession). I’m a lover of all things nice, I like to buy things on a really good deal and save it for that ‘special day’ or that ‘rainy day’ when I will actually need this particular item. 


I’ve started this blog to share my shopping wisdom with the universe, I’m sure there’s many more shopaholics out there with way better advice, but I like to say: “I’ve got really good advice” for the average shopper looking for a deal on average stuff. Plus this blog will also get me using all my beautiful purchases, as I like to stash away my good things for that ‘perfect’ moment. 

That ‘perfect’ moment is now and it’s time to use all my great things right away, before they go out style or size!! Come follow me through my real life confessions as a Shopaholic 💋!! 

Warm toes…  — January 29, 2017

Warm toes… 

Winter weather got me toes are chilled out and cold, even on the warmest days, my feet are still a little chilled, (maybe it’s just my feet & everyone else is fine). Chilly feet makes me on the constant search for the perfect ankle socks that keep my feet at the right temperature, allow them to breathe, (my feet sweat way too much), & stay on my feet while they are in my tennis shoes …is that so much to ask for. 

My recent online shopping trip got me to discover a new pair of ankle socks, the luxury brand to socks from Aritzia. Usually, I don’t go for such fancy branded socks or even steer away from 100% cotton socks, but what the heck, lets shake things up. 

Bought a three pack of Lonsdale Tna socks for $8.99 for the set, usually regular price of $18.99. That’s a steal for saving, more than 50% of it’s original price. Colours are navy, oatmeal and red. Being bold, I decided to try out the red ones. 

First, I wore them around the house to see how they felt on my feet. They weren’t constricting, stayed up at the back of heel at the perfect spot, didn’t need to keep adjusting them or pulling them off. Most importantly, I was slipping all over the place on my, (not so shiny or slippery), hardwood floor. The back of the socks had a few dots of rubber like material to prevent the socks from slipping, which I found really neat. As other ankle socks have a block or blob of it at the back & sometimes even wash away in the machine. 

As per the description on the Aritzia website, I would definitely agree with it & purchase more in the future …once I get through these three & all the other ankle socks I have. The material is labeled as 80% cotton, 15% spandex & 5% elastic, the right combination to allow my feet to breathe, I’m game. Aritzia advertises these socks as super low-rise, flat seams & rubber heel, which are all advantages to this sock. I would rate this 4 stars for this product, as the regular price is too much for three pairs of socks, I mean I wouldn’t mind paying this price if I was desperate. 

Overall, I found a good pair of ankle socks for now, looking forward to enjoying them with my running shoes, as they can be hidden well in my shoes. The flat seams will keep them on my feet longer, as will he rubber grips at the heel. Wish me luck with my new socks … ➡️Confessions of true Shopaholic 💋!!